It is proved that we have made achievements and won corresponding praise and affirmation in the industry. However, we pursuit further success. We hope to establish an active “blood vessel” for world architectures further improve our life quality, lead the second leap-forward of Chinese elevator industry with our management mode, technology research and development, innovation capacity, new services and perfect products.

VOLKSLIFT will have further development. We firmly believe that the exploration will never stop, similar to the fact that people never stop their hopes and exploration for the sky.

volkslift-liLi Xiao Lin
Chairman VOLKSLIFT Elevator
(China) Co., Ltd.

VOLKSLIFT combines the advantages of a long history of outstanding engineering skills in Germany with the rapid growth and attractive surrounding of elevator industry in China. Elevator business is based on real estate development in terms of market volume and based in industrial business in terms of design, production, installation and after sales service. Our daily aim is to combine the advantages from Germany and China to the benefit and safety of our valued customers and passengers.

In the ten years of our Sino-German cooperation we gained a deep understanding of each others culture. We make use of this experience to serve you the highest technical and quality level at best commercial conditions and to support you running your business smooth and successful.

volkslift-ffM.BC, Dipl.-Ing.
François Walter Fernandez
Director VOLKSLIFT Elevator
(China) Co., Ltd.
Geschäftsführer VOLKSLIFT GmbH