Passenger elevators

VOLKSLIFT passenger elevators satisfy the demand for quick delivery of residents and safety. The variable design enables a perfect match with the architectural surrounding such as residence buildings, commercial buildings or hotels.


Machine room less elevators

With VOLKS­LIFT machine room less (MRL) elevators there is no need for a machine room at the top of the building, which enables more possibilities for the design of modern buildings.

Panorama elevators

Passengers in VOLKSLIFT panorama elevators of VG series can enjoy an outlook to surrounding architecture or environment – in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings or others. It complies with highest demands for design and reliability.


Bed elevators

Bed elevators of VOLKSLIFT VB series are developed especially for hospitals, rehab and special care homes. They provide a quiet and balanced surrounding for the patients and a high reliability and durability for the institution. In this ambient, with usually high utilization, operating costs are a substantial matter.


Home elevators

VOLKSLIFT VEB series home elevators provides the advantage of elevators in private houses complying with standard European green and environmental protection requirements, improving utilization of architectures and making residences safe and comfortable.


Freight elevators

VOLKSLIFT VH series freight elevators are reliable and robust working equipment. The rope elevators stand out by their simple and reliable technic which grants reliable driving characteristic and precise levelling independent of temperature or load influence.


Car elevators

VOLKSLIFT car elevators are especially designed for enhanced safety and reliability. With different Models they can be used in simple and rough areas as well as in exclusive surrounding like exhibition halls or shopping malls.


Dumbwaiter elevators

VOLKSLIFT dumbwaiter elevators have advantages of innovated design, simple operations, small volume, complete functions, stable operation etc., They become a new vertical transport tool for restaurants, libraries, kindergardens, dining halls etc.



VOLKSLIFT escalator and moving walk series are ideal transportation tool for public places with large passenger flow and applicable on indoor or outdoor public transportations, such as shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, bus stations, exhibition halls, airports etc.

Moving walks

Whenever people carry bags, baggage or trolleys, sloped moving walks provide the highest traffic throughput and safest way.